Bridal Shoe Trends For 2018

2018 Bridal Shoe trends

Modern brides, listen up! We have a dramatic look for you this season, and it is silver strappy heels! At Spendless Shoes, we love showcasing our favourite new styles for customers. We have so many styles for brides to choose from, with versatile looks that will cater to a wide range of categories and events. So, here is a quick overview of our favourite silver strappy heels, and why we love them this season.

By height

When it comes to height for our silver strappy heels, the measurements range from as small as five or six centimetres to a towering ten centimetres. That means ladies who rarely opt for silver strappy heels can experiment with lower styles, while lovers of the tallest styles can find their perfect match as well.


These silver strappy heels come with all of the perks. There is the back zipper, which is perfect for a fast and convenient fit onto your feet. The dual bands of these particular silver strappy heels run parallel, going diagonally across the bridge of the foot, horizontally over the toes, and around the ankle. The finish on the back is smooth, shiny, mirror-like metallic, while the top has dazzling diamanté trimming which will glint and twinkle when it catches the light.

Plus, you also have the option to choose a rose gold finish as well!


Our open-toed silver strappy heels come with a glittery finish and slim stiletto base. With bands around the ankle and toe, these will provide your feet with a seriously sleek profile. These silver strappy heels are also a stress-free fit, with a zipper on the back to keep it secure. If you love high pumps, these are a must!

Down low

Slingback silver strappy heels are classic ballroom style. With a low and slight curved platform, these will provide you with a chic look and long-lasting comfort. We love the looped look of these silver strappy heels and the luxurious silky outer.


Wedges are a great style of silver strappy heels! The thick base provides comfort and stability while also accentuating your legs. With bright décor over the two thick bands and a supportive buckled fastening around the ankle, this is a look that perfectly balances practicality and grace.

Block bases

Finally, we have our low block-style silver strappy heels. These are perfect for someone who wants long-lasting comfort and hours of wear. With a small square buckle at the ankle, these silver strappy heels are a breathable and open design. The glossy metallic finish is lovely, and the rhinestone trimming across the toes provides extra sparkle to the style.

Why we love them

Every one of these silver strappy heels comes in a classic style that would look stunning at a wedding. They instantly complement whatever they get paired with, and effortlessly match with jewellery, makeup, and other accessories.

You will get more use out of our dress shoes than a once-off at a wedding too! Our silver strappy heels can be worn again for other special events and occasions, such as work functions, parties, and during the holidays.

Did you know silver strappy heels were making their way into the world of casual wear as well? With diamante-encrusted slides and mules coming in hot for spring and summer, silver strappy heels are stylish and gorgeous options for anyone who likes adding a touch of glamour to their favourite jeans and basic t-shirts.

Are you ready to find the pair for you?

Spendless Shoes has the best line-up for brides in 2018! Browse our styles online at your pleasure or head into a store to try before you buy! Love silver strappy heels? Get the look for less at Spendless!