Boys' School Shoes That Won't Break the Budget!

Going back to school means parents must go through a long list of things to buy, and keeping all the expenses within the budget is essential. Items include bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, notebooks, pens, socks, and school shoes. What to do?


Look forboys' school shoes at Spendless because they are affordable. You get high quality, comfort, support, and durability without spending more than you can.


Let's dive right into it! The boys' school shoes on the market have all the features your child needs to be comfortable while learning. 


Discover what these features are and the styles you can choose with the help of our team at Spendless—there's nothing like getting help from the people who know these boys' school shoes the most.


What features should be present in kids' school shoes?


1. Secure fastening


Fastenings are essential because they provide security and an adjustable fit for school shoes. In addition, they keep the footwear locked and secured so that you have the peace of mind that your child will not slip or trip over their footwear.


The school shoes at Spendless use two kinds of fastenings: touch-fastening straps and laces.


It would help if you determined your son's skillset when selecting which affordable style to get. For example, do they know how to close straps or tie laces?


Touch-fastening straps are the easier of the two fastenings, making them ideal for early learners. They consist of two nylon strips, one with hooks and the other with loops. 


As a result, your child can close his or her school shoes by pressing them together singlehandedly. Meanwhile, force is needed to pry the straps apart, creating a distinctive noise that can annoy some.


Lace-ups are ideal for older and more advanced students because tying laces independently requires more learning and practice. This fastening consists of strings that go through two rows of eyelets to secure the school shoes. 


Your child can tighten or loosen the laces according to his comfort needs. The remarkable thing about laces is that they are independent of the school shoes, so cleaning or replacing them is easy. You can getlaces from Spendless too!


2. Wide Toe Box


Toes need ample space to splay naturally, as they impact your child's balance. Avoid styles that will squeeze their toes together because it can lead to deformities or injuries they can take into adulthood. When choosing new school shoes, select rounded or squared-toe designs.


You can test for enough toe space by asking your child to wiggle their toes. They are good if they can do it comfortably! Also, ensure a 1 cm gap between your child's longest toe and the edge of the school shoes.


3. Breathable Materials


We all know how active young guys are, always playing and running around. Breathable materials are essential because we don't want sweaty feet. There must be a way for air to circulate so that moisture can escape. 


Trapping inside the shoe can lead to bacterial or fungal buildup and a foul smell.


4. Durable Sole


Your active child needs affordable footwear with soles that can handle varied terrain—grassed lawns, tarmac playgrounds, and slippery surfaces during rainy weather. 


There must be good tread and grip on the floor, so they won't slip or fall accidentally while playing.


Affordable Styles at Spendless!


Let's look at the available footwear at Spendless. All styles are affordable, so you won't be breaking your budget. We'll describe each and explain which required features are present.


1. Pull-on Ankle Boots


These shoes provide the most coverage among all the styles. Your child's entire foot until the ankle remains protected against natural elements. It's the easiest boy's shoe to wear, especially with the help of pull tabs. Let's look at the features:


  • Secure fastening – pull-ons do not have any fastening. Instead, they have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape and provide a snug fit.

  • Wide Toe Box – These have a rounded-toe design, ensuring enough space for your kid’s toes.

  • Breathable Materials – Like the previous style, these shoes use leather, a breathable material to keep your child's feet fresh all day!

  • Durable Sole – Your sporty son will love the supportive and sturdy soles underneath their feet.


3. Lace-Up


Your child will have the best learning experience with these shoes because the laces provide an adjustable and comfortable fit. Depending on their needs, your child can control how tight or loose it is. 


Also, they can exercise creativity by putting the laces through the eyelets. There are tutorials available on the internet in different ways.


  • Secure fastening – These shoes check this box because the laces secure the footwear.

  • Wide Toe Box – The rounded-toe design means this footwear has a wide toe box.

  • Breathable Materials – These shoes allow moisture to escape thanks to the leather material.

  • Durable Sole – The excellent treads on this footwear are ideal for little ones who are always on the move.


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