Boys School Shoes That Last The Year!

Are you searching for boys' school shoes that can survive the most energetic child?

Are you searching for boys' school shoes that can survive the most energetic child? Look no further! The range at Spendless has styles suited to even the most active and energetic students. We all know how frustrating it can be to keep replacing styles that get worn down before their time. That's why our footwear has been put through the works to ensure quality and durability. Despite our low prices, the quality of girls' and boys' school shoes at Spendless always remains high!

Spendless is a tried-and-tested retailer with styles for all ages!

It doesn't matter whether you're shopping for toddlers, kids, or teenagers. Spendless has boys' school shoes for a broad age-bracket, and plenty of designs to choose too.

In the classroom

Classic boys' school shoes from Spendless come with a glossy black finish and rounded toes. These are the most common in our collection. Since your kids will need to wear these for five days a week until they grow out of them, our boys' school shoes get designed for comfort. When it is time to switch up to a bigger pair, our diverse span of sizes might mean that you can get your child their existing boys' school shoes in the next size up!

PE classes and co-curricular activities

If your child plays sports, then sneakers and trainers are critical boys' school shoes. Spendless has a mix of all-white and all-black designs for students with strict uniform rules, but our sneaker range has vibrant and colourful options as well. Like any active styles, boys' school shoes from this collection have a good grip, aerodynamic designs, and in-built support.

Summer fun and little feet

Finally, Spendless has sandals. These boys' school shoes are limited to younger students, and they're a great pick if your child gets hot or sweaty feet in the warmer months. Also, the enclosed toes should appease any rules about exposed feet on the playground!

Boys' school shoes can be made from a few different materials

All of our boys' school shoes are long-lasting, but there are advantages to selecting certain sorts. Spendless styles come in synthetic, leather, or a mix of the two. Beyond the ethical debate of leather and synthetic footwear, there are key reasons why choosing one material or the other might be more beneficial for your child.
For instance, leather materials (and their great flexibility) might be a better choice for the child who tends to crease or crack his boys' school shoes. Meanwhile, the water-resistant and hard-to-mark surface of synthetic styles make them a prime pick for students who ruin their boys' school shoes outside or on the playground.

Once you have your new pair, Spendless has care products to help maintain their quality!

Scuffing, scrapes, and stains shouldn't make them unusable. Instead of wasting money on a new pair, you can use our Dubbin or Instant Shine Sponges to salvage your boys' school shoes.

Dubbin is a cleaning gel used to clean, seal, and nourish material. Not only can it act as a protective barrier against the elements, but it also gives worn down boys' school shoes a like-new shine!

Instant Shine Sponges are as effective against dirt and other messes as Dubbin. But, unlike the previous example, our sponges are a dry and no-mess option! All you have to do is run the sponge over the surface of your boys' school shoes and scrub them— they'll be clean in no time!

Find all of this (and more) at Spendless!

We've got your kids covered. It's time to stop worrying about boys' school shoes and start shopping instead! If you visit us in-store, our friendly team can get your kids expertly fitted. Or, for your utmost convenience, you can buy online instead!