Boys School Shoes Shopping For The Busy Parent

Busy parents, take notes. We have your guide to buying the best boys' school shoes.

If you have kids, you know that they are going to grow out of everything you buy for them until the next decade or so. Boys' school shoes are the grand example. Most students will need half a dozen pairs before their years are up, but problems start when they end up worn out before they're grown out. Almost all kids pack an explosive amount of energy and wear holes in their soles, and there's a reason that boys, stereotypically, are the worst culprits.


Dress codes are less of an issue while searching for boys' school shoes, but any parent looking to send their child to a classroom in sandals may want to check before purchasing. Sandals make a great style for boisterous little boys, as their breathability is kind on little feet. Structured sandals keep feet enclosed and secured with velcro straps. It's the perfect place to start while your child learns to tie his shoelaces.

The average boys' school shoes are glossy, black, and have a rounded toe. At Spendless, we carry styles with a mixture of laces and velcro straps, to cater for all ages. Boys' school shoes that lace up provides the best fitting options, as they adjust effortlessly. Our products can brag about additional features like breathable mesh linings, comfy padded collars, and supportive treads.


We know that boys' school shoes don't merely endure seven hours/five days a week, but that they face tests during breaks at recess and lunch on the playground or the oval too. Your and your kids shouldn't need to worry about dodgy styles, so Spendless is making sure our boys' school shoes are up to scratch.

The fit

Fitting boys' school shoes can be an exercise in patience, but we're offering you all the tips and tricks.

When it comes to roominess, you should have half a thumb width between the tip of your longest toe and the end of their boys' school shoes. Make sure your child is standing upright when you check this, as toes are pushed further forward in that position than when sitting.

Heel, or no heel? It sounds odd, but boys' school shoes with flat bases are worse than those with a heel. Boys' school shoes with entirely flat soles can cause cramping or other aches and pains. Boys' school shoes with a slight heel keep feet in a more neutral position, which is better for growing feet and extended wear.
Boys' school shoes should flexible and bend at the ball of the foot— but not all the way over. Otherwise, the shoe may be too flexible and prone to twisting, which wears the material down quickly.

The innersole should be removable, just in case you need to replace it with an orthotic. Whether you child has orthotics in their boys' school shoes or not, it is always good to keep the option open should the need arise. Spendless carries a line of gel inserts, cushions, and innersoles should you desire them.

And, if you buy boys' school shoes before during the holidays, have your child wear them for an hour or so a day. If not, he may not have gotten used to them or be comfortable when it is time for him to learn.

Give your child the boys' school shoes they'll have to grow out of, not wear out. Velcro or laces, every student can appreciate breathable lining, supportive heals, and padded collars. Find your perfect boys' school shoes, and get the look for less at Spendless.