Beat The Heat This Summer With Our Range Of Mens Sandals

Every guy deserves a decent pair of men’s sandals during the summertime!

Spendless Shoes is here to help you muddle through your options and start thinking about the right pair to grab during your next shop. Depending on which sort of style you’re looking for, your Spendless pair might take you out to dinner or off to the beach. Our stellar spread of men’s sandals has something for every sort of setting, so sit back while we coast through some options! 

First, let’s start with the beach styles

Thongs and waterproof men’s sandals are the essential sets for summer. These are an easy go-to for any guy to whack on in the morning. On days when you want to soak up the sunshine down at the beach, our thongs will be the shoes to choose. When they get covered in sand, seaweed, or other messes, you can rinse them off and leave your men’s sandals out to dry. If you want a no-hassle pair that you can leave by the door and slide into at your leisure, then thongs and men’s sandals will be perfect. 

Of course, you might not be looking for loose and flexible beach shoes. If you’re on the hunt for water-worthy men’s sandals that can handle rough treatment, then our reef-walkers will do nicely. These styles have harder soles that can grip on slippery rocks and keep your feet safe from sharp shells. The touch-fastening straps on our hardy men’s sandals will stop you from losing your shoes in the swells of the surf as well. Otherwise, they make exceptional shoes for fishing in the boat or off of a jetty!

Let our gladiator men’s sandals dominate your casual collection!

If you think our reef-walkers are cool but wouldn’t take them out to lunch or anywhere but the beach, then Spendless has the ideal compromise: gladiator men’s sandals. These have the same half-covered look of reef-walkers but bring a neater (and more sophisticated) feel. You could go out somewhere nice on a hot day in our partially-covered men’s sandals by wearing them with freshly-ironed chino shorts and a collared shirt. The grooves on the soles make them fitting to wear outdoors or indoors too, so a venue with a mix of both won’t be a worry or a challenge. 

We think gladiators are a prime choice for weddings! If the Big Day is hosted on (or by) the beach, these men’s sandals will survive the sand. And, as some of our most formal and fancy options on offer, they’ll be an instant match with your formal attire. 

What about casual slides?

Our Birkenstock-inspired styles were a favourite last season and should be popular this season too! Of course, we can easily see the appeal of these men’s sandals! The contoured footbed provides excellent comfort for feet, and the signature buckles on top create their iconic look. Since they’re a trending style, you can easily switch our men’s sandals between your casual and formal collection this summer. 

Another excellent option for guys this year would be our retro men’s sandals. These slides have a thick band with contrasting stripes. Like our Birkenstock-inspired designs, these feature contoured innersoles which will gradually shape to match to your feet. You can wear men’s sandals of this sort with denim, swim shorts, and whatever else you plan to wear during the season. 

Get the best of the season with Spendless Shoes!

Men’s sandals from our collection will be a fantastic choice for any guy. Whether you’re looking for a new formal set or something to wear down on the sand, Spendless has the selection to suit! Spend less on men’s sandals today