Be Prepared For The New School Year With Our Girls School Shoes

Shopping for girls’ school shoes can be tiring, but Spendless is here to help you coast through the process next season.

Shopping for girls’ school shoes can be tiring, but Spendless is here to help you coast through the process next season. We know your mind will be on your kid’s stationery list, uniform costs, and the hundred other things you need to replace or buy for the new term. Let us worry about all the minutiae! Our expert team can walk you through finding girls’ school shoes, getting fitted correctly, and everything else. To get you started, we’ve created this tip list for getting girls’ school shoes:

Start Looking Early!

If you already know that you’ll be shopping for girls’ school shoes for next year, then start planning now! Preparation is the simplest way to get styles at a desirable price. And, while you could lurk on the Spendless website and wait for a sale or discount to pop up at random, we have a more effective way of alerting you. If you sign up for our email list, you’ll be the first to know about sales and promotions that will help you get girls’ school shoes at a sale price! It’s convenient, relevant, and a great time-saver. Even if you end up buying from one of our stores, knowing the run dates of our back-to-school sales can help you plan effectively and beat the rush for girls’ school shoes as the returning term hurries closer.

Get Your Child Fitted

While there are heaps of ways to check the fit of girls’ school shoes yourself, an expert eye can make all the difference. Getting your child fitted by one of the Spendless team is well worth the visit into the store. Not only can they offer additional advice about our various styles, but they can also pass on some tips and tricks for correcting the fit or feel of girls’ school shoes. For instance, if you’re purposefully buying a girls’ school shoes for your child to grow into, they can help you sort through inserts and insoles that will compensate for the extra space and offer support and comfort.

Save The Name Of Your Girls’ School Shoes

If your child found a pair that they love, then take note of its name. At Spendless, each of our girls’ school shoes has a name that can help you identify and buy it again later. Since each of our styles also has a broad span of sizes, you may be able to get a bigger version of that same pair. When your child outgrows the girls’ school shoes, all you need to do is search the name on our website or scan the shelves in-store! We may not stock that style anymore, but we can direct you to a girls' school shoes from the same brand, or something similar to your previous one.

Don’t Forget To Buy The Other Kind Too! 

While your mind may jump straight to glossy black girls’ school shoes, remember that you may also need to be on the lookout for sneakers. If your child is involved in sports, extra-curricular activities, or takes PE classes, then they may be due for a fresh pair of trainers too! Students don't wear sneakers as frequently as girls’ school shoes, so you might be tempted to keep your current trainers for a little longer. But, given the fact that these are for high-energy activities where support and comfort are paramount, it’s best to update these girls’ school shoes too.

These four tips are a start, and we hope you’ve got your head in the game now!

Start your shop for girls’ school shoes the right way at Spendless. Our friendly team would love to lend a hand, so talk to us in-store or online today.