Be Bold With Leopard Boots This Season

How To Wear Leopard Boots!

Make a statement this season with leopard boots! Spendless Shoes is here to show you what you need, how to wear them, and why you should hop on board.

Treat yourself to support, comfort, and the best in fashion

At Spendless Shoes, all of our leopard boots have short block heels. So, while you might get a bit of a height boost, there’s no strain being placed on your feet or ankles! Leopard boots might make an outstanding choice in wintry weather, but that’s not entirely for fashion reasons.

These animal print shoes are expertly designed to give extra warmth, cosiness, protection, and coverage for your feet. Your toes will stay toasty and your feet will feel great thanks to Spendless leopard boots.  

Enjoy easy versatility

Since our leopard boots are mostly ankle-high, they’ll look great with pants and cut-off jeans. However, we think there’s plenty of room to explore with skirts and similar clothing too! Leopard boots could become your go-to for get-togethers, and we’d hate to see you miss out on pairing them with cute party dresses.

What do we recommend when it comes to styling leopard boots with your best cold-weather basics?

First things first— don’t overdo it! Animal prints draw a lot of attention in an outfit and you don’t want to mix-up signals. Be sure that you don’t have spots dominating anywhere else on your person when you wear leopard boots.

While you’ll want to avoid going for full-covered pants, dresses, skirts, or tops, there are still other ways to accessorise. At Spendless Shoes, we recommend trendy hair scarves and scrunchies, phone cases, clutches and bags, or even clothes with spotted pockets with your leopard boots. Whichever of these you choose, be sure that you don’t overpower your leopard boots by having a plethora of prints elsewhere.

Which palette do you prefer best?

In the wide world of leopard boots, you have the choice of cool or warm tones. This is driven by the base colour, with either a cool off-white or golden base shade. At Spendless Shoes, our leopard boots are warmly-toned. These shoes will add a bright element to any look, and resemble the fur of the apex predator that inspired them more closely. If you like monochromatic colours for your autumn aesthetic, then our leopard boots will help white, grey, and black outfits to feel fun.

Here comes the fun part!

Are you ready to experiment with your style and create amazing outfit combinations? Do you need some helpful pointers to get you started? Spendless is here to help.

Leopard boots are a natural pairing with black and white ensembles. At Spendless, our favourite is all-black clothing so that your shoes really pop! Still, we can’t deny that an all-white jumpsuit brings on the charm as well.

For an ensemble that brings back-to-nature vibes, we recommend greens and browns with your latest leopard boots! Our patterned shoes with breathe life and liveliness into a chilly day. Besides, it’s an easy look for any lady to pull off!

Do you know that leopard boots aren’t the only way to embody this trend?

We’ve fallen head-over-heels for spots in 2019, which is why our customers will get to enjoy a fantastic selection of slides. These have everything from crossover straps and buckled uppers to two top bands, so our flats will make casual shoes as trendy and versatile as leopard boots. Have a quick browse through all of our styles so that you don’t miss out!

Find your perfect pair today!

For the best leopard boots of 2019, you’ve got to shop at Spendless Shoes!