Affordable, Stylish, Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Discount Wedding Shoes 

Are you searching for the perfect discount shoes for your wedding? Spendless has got all the best styles for you! We have discount shoes that will make excellent formal and bridal wear. So, let's get to it!

For women

Discount shoes at Spendless come in all shapes and sizes, but none are as luxurious and glamorous as our wedding styles. The most elegant of these come with glitter finishes, diamanté and beaded decorations, or glossy metallic finishes.

Regarding colour

Silver is (and will likely always be) a favourite, but gold is making a big contender of itself. Rose gold, in particular, has been a favourite look this season, given the finish gets a sweet and gorgeous pink tinge. Discount shoes in a natural or beige colour are always a welcome sight at weddings; add a heel, and your legs get doubly lengthened. Last but not least, we also have light and elegant white discount shoes.

These colours can be found across a wide range of discount shoes as well. Flats, wedges, and low heels are the most popular picks for weddings, given they are usually the most comfortable during long hours of wear while you busy yourself walking, dancing, and talking. Of course, no one can argue the beauty and appeal of discount shoes with a tall and slim stiletto, boisterous block heel, or chunky platform. At Spendless, many of our more towering heels get designed for comfort, but no one will begrudge you packing a spare pair of flats into your bag for moments when the cameras have been tucked away safely.

For men

Wedding styles and discount shoes for men come in all sorts of looks and styles. For the tradition gentlemen, our discount shoes come in sleek slip-on looks, glossy lace-ups, and others with glossy finishes. These are perfect for other formal wear in the future, especially if the occasion calls for a suit. Black is the instant go-to, but tan could be a great way to spice things up.

If the wedding you are planning to attend is leaning towards semi-formal or casual, you might be better suited to wearing boots. As far as discount shoes go, boots are a real treat. Chelsea-styles and other pull-on boots with elastic side panels are an excellent asset for formal wear. They are easy to get in and out of in a rush, plus they have the same high-shine finish as regular dressy discount shoes. If the ceremony is taking place in a rural area, a garden, or even on the beach, boots are a doubly good choice.

Buying in bulk

Bulk buying is a great way to save time and money! When you buy discount shoes in bulk from Spendless –'bulk' meaning ten or more pairs— you can shave expenses off of having bridal party purchases sent out separately. Just one big box filled to the brim with all the discount shoes for the wedding. It is a fast service, and perfectly affordable. Plus, it makes it very easy to coordinate matching discount shoes for the groomsmen, bridesmaids and even the little ones.

To do so, contact our online team by emailing, or call on 1800 357 427. Make sure you are ready with the size, colour, and style names of the discount shoes you would like to purchase so that the online team can make prompt work of your order. Once we have confirmed payment and order details, we will be sending your discount shoes out in no time at all!

So, why wait?

Get the look for less when you buy discount shoes at Spendless. Order online or browse our range for the best styles, or visit our team in person when you stop by a Spendless store. Spendless store.