Add Mediterranean Flair To Your Wardrobe With Espadrille Wedges

Espadrille Wedges At Spend less

Are you getting ready to shop for a new summer wardrobe? If so, Spendless Shoes have the perfect addition to your shoe collection: espadrille wedges. These comfortable, lightweight shoes are fashion-forward and a hot pick for summer and spring. At Spendless Shoes, you can have your pick from a variety of espadrille wedges. Do you need something a little different to spice up your look this season? The different colours, design features, and dynamic styling make espadrille wedges the ultimate choice.

So, what are espadrille wedges?

In essence, they are light casual shoes. Also known as "rope wedges", espadrilles are from cotton, canvas, or artificial material. You can even find styles with cork, recycled or fibre soles. At Spendless Shoes, many of our espadrille wedges fall into the synthetic category, which means come from human-made materials and that they are vegan-friendly. The synthetic materials that make up our shoes are flexible and soft. If you want a set of shoes that are comfortable from the get-go, espadrille wedges have got you covered.

The most fashionable espadrille wedges can come with laces or straps you can tie up to accentuate your ankles. Even without these straps, espadrille wedges can create the illusion of elongated legs, especially if you leave a little gap between the top of your shoes and your pants or skirt.

Something to wear in the hot weather

These are the perfect pair to have for wear in the warm weather. Not only are espadrille wedges made out of a light and breathable material, but their design allows for better airflow- this should help prevent feet from sweating, as well as keep odour from building up in the shoes if they do.

You can wear these with playsuits and floaty summer dresses, or with fitted trousers and a chic blazer. There is a great deal of flexibility around how you can style espadrille wedges, which, of course, adds to the appeal.

If you want a dynamic summer style to wear in plenty of different settings, then these are the shoe for you.

Depending on how flat or otherwise your pair of espadrille wedges are, you definitely could take them for a walk down to the beach. They would undoubtedly be an upgrade from your regular thongs! Otherwise, wear them out to a coffee date, down to the shops, around the office, or for a long stroll under a sizzling sun.

Travel in style

Espadrille wedges make excellent travel shoes. First off, they are more slim-lined and malleable than a bulky sneaker; this makes them very easy to pack into a suitcase or to toss into a bag. Second, they are great for walking. Even styles with a slightly heeled sole are spongy and kind on feet. If you are in for a long day out and about, but still want to look your best, espadrille wedges are the smart choice. Third, espadrille wedges come in a range of colours and looks— you can dress up or dress down as much as you like given their versatility.

We could go on and on listing off all the reasons why espadrille wedges are fantastic travel shoes and summer basics, but the pinnacle reason has got to be the comfortable wear. In the stifling summer heat, everyone deserves to have a pair of shoes that they can wear effortlessly. No hassle, no discomfort, and no worrying about people judging you for wearing thongs for two consecutive weeks.

So, are you ready for espadrille wedges?

If you want them, we've got them. Head online or into a store and shop espadrille wedges with Spendless Shoes. At Spendless Shoes, you can always get the look for less.