A Shoe For Every Occasion

Our Mens Shoe Range 

Today, we want to have a quick look at all of our men's shoes so that you can stay updated with the best looks and styles from across the year. If you want it, we have it. Formal or casual, work or vacation, we have the men's shoes for you. So, how about we get things started?

Keep things casual

When it comes to casual men's shoes, loafers are an excellent choice. These have been a hit recently in the world of travel, as they are lightweight, look smart, and have the comfort of a standard trainer. At Spendless, we love seeing loafers with a sharp blazer and fitted pants for a relaxed and confident aesthetic.

Sandals are also big this year. We have several men's shoes coming in hot this summer in the sandal section. One over-branching style to look out for are the strappy or gladiator men's shoes. These are more enclosed than your average beach sandals, which means they can be worn to a diverse range of places, as opposed to being shoehorned onto the beach or into the backyard every year.

When it comes to casual men's shoes, you really cannot bypass sneakers and trainers. At Spendless, our top picks for men's shoes this season are lightweight styles with heavy-looking bottoms. Puffed up soles and monochromatic colour schemes are still a massive hit at the moment, along with the all-white trainer range. These men's shoes look good with jeans and exercise wear alike, so you should not be surprised to see a lot of these out on the streets during the summertime.

Feeling formal?

When it comes to formal or dressy men's shoes, you cannot go past a pair of glossy lace-ups. At Spendless, we have variants of men's shoes in this style with toe caps, pin-punch detailing, and squared or pointed toes. These are perfect to go with suits, which means they can get worn in an office, restaurant, wedding, funeral, work function, or any other occasion that requires you to dress up a little.

Now laced styles may be classics in the realm of men's shoes, but that does not make them your only option. Slip-on styles with elastic gussets are a favourite variation, as you can slide them on and off effortlessly and save yourself time. Concerning colour, you could also choose to go for men's shoes in a trendy tan or beige brown.

Versatile style

Boots are the perfect men's shoes for trans-seasonal wear. Spendless has lace-up or pull-on variants for anyone interested in these men's shoes. They look great with formal and casual wear, switching from work to weekend effortlessly. Plus, they provide more cover and protection for your feet during the cold months so that you can keep toasty and warm.

Work boots and safety shoes

If your work takes you onto a construction site, or into an area that requires hard hats, then you need specialised men's shoes. At Spendless, our work boots are Australia Safety Standard approved and come with a wide range of features such as steel-capped toes, slip-resistant soles, shock absorbency, and more. These are perfect for anyone working on their trade, or who needs to keep their feet safe from heavy machinery and dangerous things on the ground.

If you work in a retail job, fast food, bartending, cleaning, or anywhere you need men's safety shoes, then Spendless also has you covered. Our slip-resistant men's shoes have specially designed soles, impact cushioning, built-in water and oil resistance, and a padded insole for comfort.

What kind of men's shoes are you after?

Get the look for less when you check out our range online or in a store at Spendless.