A quick guide to men’s shoe shopping

Shopping For Mens Shoe

The time has come again. Every moment has led up to this dreaded and stressful event. You knew it was coming and hoped you might be spared the pain for just a day longer, and now there is no escape.
You have to buy a pair of men's dress footwear.

Worse, you don't know anything about buying the right men's dress shoes. Luckily, Spendless Shoes has a guide right here for your stress-less perusal

Shopping for men's dress shoes doesn't have to be a pain. The key is to figure out what style best suits you, and go from there. Count your blessing that in the fashion world, men's dress shoes are not as capricious as women's heels. The base styles of men's dress shoes have and continue to stay the same— all you have to do is refine the options via your personal preference

Formal styles

So, let's start with the classics. For any fans of the Kingsman spy movies, the phrase, "Oxfords, not Brogues", may ring a bell in regards to men's dress shoes. Here's what all of that means.

Oxfords are the quintessential men's dress shoes. This style has laces, a smooth and polished surface, and often a slightly pointed toe. Colours vary, but tan and black are by far the most popular. When it comes to men's dress shoes, Oxfords are a timeless style and a staple for any wardrobe. Many a wedding, formal, or work event has triumphed thanks to the Oxford. A man who loves his Oxfords knows they are the perfect mix of modern and traditional men's footwear.

Brogues are all about decoration. This style of men's dress shoes typically come with embellishments on the side panels and across the toes. Brogues are here to enhance your outfit and your night. Most details variations include the full brogue, longwing brogue, semi-brogue, and quarter brogue, so how far you want to take the decorations is entirely up to you. The most impressive is the longwing brogue, going the extra mile with wingtip detailing on the toes— a "W" shaped, textured trimming on the toecap. If you're a first-time wearer, we recommend saving the full brogue for later and avoiding contracting panel colours. Keep things simple and suave with men's dress shoes by choosing a quarter brogue in tan or cognac.


Does a boot count as men's dress shoes? Sure. The two favourite styles, in this case, are the suave Chelsea boot and the Chukka boot. The difference is relatively easy to spot— Chukka boots have laces, and Chelsea boots do not. Whether you like your Chukka boots with a high shine finish or soft suede, their simple style will give an edge to a formal outfit (and some class to your jeans if you choose to wear them casually afterwards). It's a popular alternative to standard men's dress shoes and a look that can go day to night effortlessly.

Chelsea boots are the perfect investment when it comes to men's dress shoes. A Chelsea boot can lift a casual outfit or spruce up your formal attire. These stylish ankle boots revolutionise the idea of what a men's dress shoe can be. Chelsea boots work across all seasons, rain or shine, especially in a lighter brown or beige. In this instance, they pair well with a grey suit and overcoat, but you'd be surprised at how versatile your styling options are.


The last feature to address concerning men's dress shoes is the toe shape— square, round, or pointed. However, this has more to do with personal preference than anything.
Ready for your recap of men's dress shoes? Oxfords are classics with a high-shine finish. Brogues are highly decorated. You can choose breakout styles like Chukka boots and Chelsea boots to take formal and casual events by storm.

So, stop procrastinating. It's time to get those men's dress shoes.