A Practical Guide to Buying Mens Shoes

A Practical Guide to Buying Mens Shoes

Let's face it— buying men's shoes can be a stressful exercise. You have dozens of styles to pick from, in every colour imaginable. It can be hard to know which men's shoes are fundamental anymore. Today, Spendless is offering a practical guide to men's shoes, and to the styles crucial to any man's wardrobe, whether it is for work, home, or going out.


Formal footwear is a must when it comes to men's shoes. Whether for an office day, a wedding, or a simple black tie event, you will need some sleek dress styles. When it comes to formal men's shoes, you can't go past a pair of Oxfords. They're sophisticated, classic, and dressy (especially in black). These men's shoes could make any outfit look sharp and shiny. For a more decorative look, you could try brogues. Men's shoes in brogue style come with perforated designs across the surface— the most extreme being the "wingtip" brogue. Brogues are a fun way to spice up your formal look or to lift a casual ensemble.


Trainers and retro sneakers are other essential shoes. You get all the comfort of a laidback sneaker and trend appeal along with it. For the vintage look, black and white men's shoes are your best bet. With a fitted blazer and dark jeans, you'll be hitting the streets in style. But sneakers and other sporty styles aren't monopolized solely by gym-junkies; you can always match these with the basic t-shirt and jeans combination.


No man can make it in this world without a few good boots, and the Chelsea boots are the men's shoes to own. Cobble up a simple ankle boot with elastic gussets either side, and you're suddenly a heavyweight contender in the world of men's shoes. Like Oxfords, black is the ever-respected colour, but you shouldn't feel obliged to follow that trend. Chelsea boots in a tan or cognac brown make a great statement too.

If you're a working man who needs a style built for heavy-duty wear, a steel cap boot is always a good investment. The right steel cap boot can come off the worksite and out for a night with the boys. We recommend a slip-on ankle boot for part-timers and lace-ups for everyday workers.


Loafers are on the fence for a few people, but no collection of men's shoes could be complete without them. If you regularly dress in light or neutral colours, loafers could be great for your casual wear. Like trainers, these men's shoes feel laidback and relaxed without seeming sloppy. Socks are optional, so if you want to flash some bare ankle feel free, but socks with a cool print wouldn't be remiss either.

Now, the recap:

Oxfords are simple and classy men's shoes, while brogues are more decorative. Both make excellent dress styles. Sneakers and trainers are comfy essentials and dress up to be as sporty, classy, or casual as you do. Chelsea boots will rock your world, steel-caps boots are the ultimate investment for men on worksites, and loafers are a laidback casual style of men's shoes.

It's as simple as that, and it has never been easier to buy men's shoes from Spendless either. You can go online to browse or purchase styles and have them delivered to your door in no time at all, with standard or express posting. Or, you can duck into one of our many stores across Australia to try your men's shoes on in person. We even offer Afterpay and ZipPay to help you along. There's no reason to wait! Get the look for less at Spendless.