A guide to great men’s sneakers

So you are looking for a guide to great men's sneakers

Spendless Shoes is going to help you find the perfect pair! Here is what to look for the best men's sneakers!

On our Spendless Shoes website, you will find the "sneakers" category under the men's section. Kinds included in this sneaker category include trainers, skate/casual, sports luxe and sports specific styles. What is the difference between all these men's sneakers? How and where should you wear them? And what are the essential things to look out for when purchasing a pair of men's sneakers?


Trainers are your traditional running shoe. Running, walking, jogging, or a prime workout will be a breeze in these men's sneakers. We have a range of styles and colours including black, grey, silver, white, blue and white/black and we are sure that if you are looking for men's sneakers that can keep up with your fast feet, you will find it in this section!


The next section you will find is our skate or casual men's sneakers. These are more fashion-focused than a typical men's sneakers. These would not look out of place as a street-style fashion statement, or used as a casual, active shoe. Shoes like these will always be a favourite among skaters, especially our hi-tops. Considered to be trendier than regular men's sneakers, so you can still wear them out casually with your best jeans and t-shirt combination. You will find that these men's sneakers are super comfortable and you will want to wear them almost anywhere. They come in a range of colours such as black, grey, white and blue/navy.

Sports Luxe

Our next range is sports luxe, and these are all the rage. These men's sneakers are so stylish that if you put them with a pair of jeans, your shoes will probably end up stealing the show! You can wear this style of sports luxe men's sneakers almost anywhere, and with the right pair of chinos, you could quickly pull on a couple and be ready for date night.

Sports Specific

Our sports specific range makes the shoes that you need when you need to get the most out of your game. We have bright, trendy styles that will make you standout on the footy, soccer, or rugby field. These have classic cleat spikes on the sole, specially designed to distribute weight evenly on the playing field and to aid with grip. Our sports specific men's sneakers also include heavy-duty hiking boots, with a sturdy and comfortable design so you can push yourself to new heights. Invest in shoes that will help you go further when you check out these in the men's sneakers section.
If you have found a great men's sneaker that you love you can purchase online or in-store. At Spendless Shoes, our helpful team will be more than happy to track down men's sneakers that fit your fancy. But if your busy schedule means you tend to buy online, you can view our entire range of men's sneakers, and browse and buy at your own pace.
But that's enough from us. We hope this quick guide to men's sneakers will help you find the pair you that you have always wanted. Whether you need a new addition to your casual collection, a stylish option that never sacrifices comfort, or a style to keep up with you while you keep fit, Spendless Shoes has all the men's sneakers you could want. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes. Find your perfect men's sneakers today.