A guide to finding the perfect toddlers shoes

Finding Toddlers Shoes 

Trying to get toddlers to keep their shoes on is a problem that most parents will struggle to triumph over. Those soft, cushy styles that all the foot specialists recommend are easily knocked off. Your toddler loses them when they crawl, and once they start walking, you find odd shoes in all sorts of places. The last five sets of adorable toddler shoes you bought had the left or right foot kicked off and lost in the previous pram ride. So what is the solution? Well, having your child's name changed to 'Cinderella' instead might be an overreaction. Instead, try browsing the toddler styles at Spendless Shoes, for adorable new kinds that are hard to lose.

Velcro, thou art a lifesaver!

Oh, velcro. Shall I compare thee to a summer's play-day? Seriously though. Toddler shoes with velcro straps are an absolute gift. Not only are they kinder on developing feet, but they also provide a secure way to keep shoes on tiny toddler feet without being tight. Never underestimate the importance of a velcro strap. Styles for girls and boys both feature velcro straps.
Why toddler shoes are different
'Toddler' is the awkward (and cute) stage between baby and child. Most are crawling or even walking at this point, but they still cannot have the kinds of shoes that we wear. It is not because tiny toddler foot is oh-so-tiny. It is because their feet are still developing— bones are softer at this age, and the feet are still flat. A toddler does not have any real foot arch, which is why they need less support in that area and more cushioning instead.

The essential features

A soft, flexible material is ideal for toddler shoes. You do not want to put pressure on fragile toes or to force feet into odd positions. Make sure the footwear itself is lightweight. If your little one is toddling around or walking by themselves now, they will need some protection from hazards and pointy things on the ground; look for a good sole that can act as a safeguard.

The look

Now that we have covered the basics, what about the style? Toddler shoes are some of the most fun and cute shoes in our collection. Spendless Shoes has toddler shoes with patterns, polka dots, cartoon characters, butterflies, dinosaurs, flowers, stars and more. You are truly spoiled for choice. We even have marvellous styles that light-up as you walk.


On our website, you can find a whole category of first walker shoes for your toddler, which falls under the general kid's section. Our first walker range utilised that most precious resource (velcro) because these fit babies as well. Laces are a no-go for babies, generally. Our first walkers come in a range of colours including silver, white, metallic, pink, red, purple, blue and navy, meaning that there is something for everyone!
If you have had trouble with sizing, that is no problem on our website either. Spendless Shoes has a detailed sizing chart that you can use to determine the best size for your child. We have EU, UK, US, and Spendless

Shoe sizes that you can directly compare. Toddlers have a personal chart towards the bottom of the page and include an age-range indicator and measurements in millimetres.
Hopefully, we have helped shed some light on the best tips for toddler shoes. Now you have some handy info about what makes a good toddler shoe tick, and the kind of range you can expect from Spendless Shoes. So, why wait? Come and get your next great pair of shoes from Spendless, and take some of the chaos out of buying for your toddler.