A Grooms Guide To Wedding Shoes In 2018

Have a big day on the way? Spendless is here to help. We have the men's wedding shoes for all kinds of settings, and at the most affordable prices. Whether you are the groom or a guest, Spendless can have you looking your best. So, what are the vital aspects to explore? What styles of men's wedding shoes do we have on offer?

Think about your venue

The venue is a significant factor in choosing men's wedding shoes. For instance, you would not necessarily take your fanciest footwear onto the sand for a beach ceremony, or your laidback sandals into a formal church affair. So when it comes to picking the best men's wedding shoes, think about what sort of terrain they may have to handle and go from there.

The difference choices

Let's work our way down, shall we?

Here are men's wedding shoes, starting with the most formal styles.

You cannot go past our lace-up men's wedding shoes. Primarily, these come in black and tan. Black looks great with black and dark grey suits, while brown while looks sharp with grey or navy. Plus, your men's wedding shoes can easily be worn again for another function, in an office, or for other formal settings.

Next, we have slip-on dress styles. These are still up there in the formal options, and ideal for a guy who always finds himself in a hurry. These men's wedding shoes are sleek, stylish, and have elastic side gussets to accommodate different foot shapes.

For a more relaxed affair, try some loafers. These are perfect for a smart-casual look and easily integrate back into your everyday wardrobe.

Finally, for a beach setting, your best bet for men's wedding shoes would be sandals or slides. We have kinds with open or enclosed toes, and the fastenings options are velcro straps or buckles.

How long you need to wear them

Time is another crucial element when it comes to picking the right men's wedding shoes. Some ceremonies will be fast, informal, and over in a few hours. Others start early in the morning one day and end early the next. If this is the case for you, then be sure that you are picking men's wedding shoes where comfort is a must.

Guys, this means breaking in your men's wedding shoes early. As sleek and sharp as they may look when they come fresh out of the box on the big day, you should seriously consider wearing them around the house and getting used to the feel. This way, you can avoid some nasty blisters from slowing you down.

Improve with some handy accessories

If you already have a pair in mind, then there are some sneaky ways that Spendless can help you improve the fit and feel of your men's wedding shoes. Specifically, we are talking about innersoles. For full coverage, you have your choice of gel, comfort foam, or supreme innersoles. These are incredibly sublet insets that can slide into the bottom of your men's wedding shoes. One size fits all so that you can cut them down to size if you need to.

These are an ideal addition to men's wedding shoes, especially if you have an existing style with a rigid or uncomfortable base. Not only do they help fill space for poorly fitted styles, but they also provide a spongy comfort cushion for your men's wedding shoes. These should help stop initial discomfort from spreading further as muscle strain and fatigue.

So, do you have something in mind?

At Spendless, you can always get the look for less. If you want men's wedding shoes, there is no better place to shop. Browse our selection in a store or online, and find the ultimate men's wedding shoes today!