A Busy Mums Guide To Buying Kids School Shoes

A Busy Mums Guide To Buying Kids School Shoes

Kids' school shoes can be a hassle. We all know it. At any given moment your children might happen to grow out of them and need a new pair, or demolish a brand new kids' school shoes with rambunctious play at recess and lunch.

Of course, even if you manage to put off buying new kids' school shoes until the start of the next school year, you're guaranteed to be swept up in a storm of parents and kids all shopping for their new pair. In the end, you're in such a rush to leave that you end up buying the second pair of kids' school shoes you see, and then bolt out of the shop. It's all good until your kids come home with blisters.

These are the pair your children will spend the most time in, so a rushed purchase won't cut it. But you don't have to get tangled up in everyone else's back-to-school craziness either. So, what's the best way to dodge the crowds and get kids' school shoes? Shop online, of course!

In a word, it's convenient. Just you and a section of kids' school shoes, where the choice is only a few clicks away. On the couch, on your lunch break— whenever works for you.

Easy to choose from:

If you are a regular customer, buying kids' school shoes online from Spendless will be a breeze. In all likelihood, you will already know if your child needs the same size or slightly bigger than what they have. If you have the style name of the kids' school shoes that you last bought, you can put it into the search engine and see we have them in stock. Alternatively, you can compare your current style to the images we have of all our products.

At Spendless we try to make things as easy as possible for new customers, and kids' school shoes are no exception. We have helpful sizing guides which you can find with the descriptions. This link opens out into a chart that compares Spendless, UK, US, and EU shoe sizes. Toddler, junior, and regular kids sizes are all listed for easy reference. This way, you should have no trouble at all finding the right kids' school shoes for your child, whether they are starting Year 1 or are an inch off of graduation.

AfterPay and ZipPay:

Spendless provides the best new options for buying online. We offer both ZipPay and AfterPay online, so you can buy products now and pay later. We'll send your kids' school shoes out, and you can pay off purchases in a series of instalments across the next few weeks.

Quick delivery to your door:

Delivery is another fantastic aspect of buying kids' school shoes online. If you've had time to plan and think ahead, standard delivery will see purchases delivered to your door in roughly 2-8 business days. But if you need your kids' school shoes ASAP the best choice is express delivery, which will only take 1-3 business days to find its way home to you.

So many styles to choose from:

For older students, black lace-up kids' school shoes with round toes will always work a treat. Younger kids also have the choice of sandals and Mary-Jane styles that buckle up. There is also the option of velcro straps for kids who cannot tie their laces yet.

Spendless Shoes gets you the look for less. There are so many types of kids' school shoes to choose from, in every size you could need, and all at your convenience. Avoid the shopping rush and enjoy stress-free delivery to your door.