5 Ways You Can Wear Boots This Year!

Update your wardrobe with a pretty pair of winter boots

With so much variety around, it can be challenging to know where to start. Let the team at Spendless Shoes speed you on your way to the best match! Today, we’re here with our top five tips for how to wear winter boots this year, and to guide you towards your most promising pairing. Are you ready to get started?

1) Wear your winter boots fashionably with a matching colour or print

In 2019, we love styles with leopard print, but keep your eye out for snakeskin too! If you’re going wild for prints or stepping out in an eye-catching colour this season, then pair your winter boots with a matching jacket or coat! Our only advice is to keep the colour tones matching.

2) Try ankle-high styles with pants and stockings

An obvious advantage of choosing ankle-high winter boots is the fact that you have more room to play with clothing. You won’t be restricted by what you wear because your pants won’t get in the way, unlike with higher-cut looks. That means you’ll find it easy-as to sneak these winter boots into your summer and spring wardrobe as well.

The main thing you will have to keep in mind while styling short winter boots during the frostier months is the warmth. Unlike calf-high or even over-the-knee designs, shoes that stop at the ankle can’t protect your legs from the cold, so you’ll need to compensate with fabric. Jeans are a great casual pick, but culottes or tights could do the trick too!

3) The how-to for putting winter boots with dresses, skirts, and short outfits

If you want to go short with your clothing this season, then we think you should be grabbing over-the-knee winter boots. Our thigh-highs are the perfect replacement for tights and leggings, as their excellent coverage and cosy faux suede fabric will keep you toasty and warm inside. Leave a little gap between the top of your hemline and your shoes for a flirty party look. You also have your choice of a heeled or a flat set of winter boots, so finding something to fit your fancy will be effortless!

4) Use these as a formal option

Adding a heel makes winter boots instantly more elegant. If you want to take your shoes out to dinners, parties, work, or other classy settings, then heeled styles are the way to go. Each of our heeled winter boots comes with a thick base that distributes your body weight evenly, so spending extended periods of time in them should be no trouble. Remember our tips about ankle-high and thigh-length options when you put them with your formal attire.

5) Take winter boots to outdoor events and parties

Will you be spending your weekend partying at an outdoor musical festival? Spendless Shoes has winter boots for you as well! Our combat and biker styles bring attitude and comfort all at once. With thick soles for that stomp-ready look but a light and flexible feeling material, you get the best of both worlds. We have several stellar winter boots decorated with silver studs and feature zippers, and our favourite also brings chunky platform bases. Play your cards right, and you can add an edge to your ensemble, enjoy a cosy fit, and get a few extra centimetres too!

Which way will you wear winter boots?

We hope this quick guide has helped inspire your next shopping trip. Still got a question? Feel free to send us a query online or at your local Spendless store. Have fun saving on winter boots this year!