5 Ways To Wear Summer Heels This Season

Your Guide To Wearing Heels 

Spendless Shoes is here will some fabulous styling tips for your latest set of summer heels! There are so many events and occasions you can wear these gorgeous shoes, but we're going to narrow that down to five! Without further ado, here are five ways to wear summer heels this season:

1) Out to parties

We love a good pair of these for dancing the night away! The flattering elongating effect that they have on your legs perfectly complements the shape of a slinky bodycon or short party dress. Summer heels can also add a feminine touch to a boxy playsuit. We recommend a sweet lace-up style or lower sandal-look summer heels.

Otherwise, you could always try some of our block-based ankle boots, or partially-enclosed style. They may be on the warmer side for summer heels, but more coverage means more protection against spilt drinks, broken glass, and strangers that accidentally tread on your toes.

2) In the workplace

If you are choosing summer heels for the workplace, then mules are an excellent starting point! These slide onto your feet fast, so you can have a quick getaway if you're running late in the morning.
Kitten-style sling-backs are also a popular pick, given their cool colour options and classic vintage look. These are an easy way to introduce trendy summer heels into your wardrobe, while still maintaining reliable comfort

if you spend most of the day up on your feet!

3) With your casual basics

Summer heels have had a surprising rise in popularity this season in casual wear, and we are all for it! The styling aspect is natural— wear your denim skirts, shorts, dresses, or your favourite basics, and then trade out your sneakers or trainers for a cosy pair of summer heels! You instantly lift your look from lazy everyday basics to a more fashionable style statement.

The real question here is which sort of summer heels you should choose! We recommend something easy and low, so you can tackle whatever the day throws at you. Some chunky block-based sandals with pointed toes or diamante trim from Wildfire would work beautifully!

4) Off to a wedding

On the Big Day, you can't go wrong with a pair of our white bridal shoes, metallic summer heels, or glittery silver styles!

Stilettos are the obvious choice in this arena. These slimly-based summer heels are sure to look sweet with light, floaty bridesmaid dresses, and take any elegant outfit up a notch.

But don't discount a good pair of block-style summer heels to see you through the celebrations! With a supportive design and full platform to have you moving confidently and keep cramps to a minimum, our thicker summer heels are an excellent choice for weddings.

5) Whatever way you want!

The great thing about buying summer heels from Spendless Shoes is this: you don't have to follow any of our rules! Our fresh, changeable styles didn't get designed for a single setting or occasion, after all. If you want to pair some jeans with summer heels one afternoon and dress them up for a formal dinner that evening, then you can!

In any case, the most important thing is finding the right balance. As long as the colours or textures in your outfit match, you can get away with anything! Pair your sleek patent summer heels with a silky dress, go for a glamorous look with diamante-covered stilettos and some sparkly jewellery, or be bold with your colour choices— it's all up to you! And isn't that half the fun?

How will you work it?

We hope our little guide has given you some insight into new possibilities for your summer heels. Shop the latest looks this season at Spendless Shoes and Wildfire!