5 Tips To Ensure You Find The Ideal Wedding Shoe

Finding The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Spendless is bringing you everything you need to know about wedding shoes this season. So, let’s get started with our top five tips for formal footwear!

1) Know the dress code

Make sure you check for any dress code or special requests surrounding footwear before you start looking for wedding shoes. If the bride and groom do have a preference, then you’re going to feel singled out and silly if you’re the only guest wearing something different.

If you’ve asked around and are unsure, then play it safe with classic wedding shoes. For ladies, this means anything in white, silver, or baring something sparkles. For the gentlemen, we’ll be suggesting a glossy formal lace-up.

2) Choose comfort

Consider the length of the upcoming nuptials for one. While a backyard or a beach wedding might be relatively quick, there’s a lot of mingling beforehand and every possibility of wild afterparty or reception later. In short, it’s going to be a long day and a painful experience in the wrong set of wedding shoes.

Ladies, please be realistic and discerning about the kind of styles you can wear comfortably for more than a few hours. Shelve your tallest stilettos or pack a spare pair of flat wedding shoes if you must— make sure you don’t ruin your fun with the wrong choice.

Gentlemen, this means breaking in your wedding shoes properly before the day. Men’s wedding shoes from Spendless get designed for comfort, but if you spend your week in trainers, your feet might need a small transition period. Pace around your living room or switch out your regular pair and wear them to work; whatever it takes to get your feet used to the style.

3) Get an idea of the venue

Summer is prime time for outdoor venues. Maybe it’s for the superb shoreline sunset or a fairytale-like garden, but people love weddings with a nature-element. However, if you’re heading out into that sort of terrain, then you’ll need shoes that are up to the task.

Grass, loose stones, and widely-spaced decks spell disaster for stilettos, while sand, dirt, and gravel can ruin any guy’s dressy pair of wedding shoes. In this case, a safe set of wedges, block heels, or flats would be a better pick for the women, and some sophisticated ankle boots would suit the men.  

4) Match styles

One much-loved tradition is matching kids’ wedding shoes with adult ones. At Spendless, we’re ready to aid however we can! Many of our kids’ styles are mirrors of our older looks, which means it’s as easy as anything to pair them up. Bridesmaids and flower-girls can make the perfect duo in our strappy sandals, laser-cut wedding shoes, sling-backs, and low block heels. Groomsmen and ring-bearers will look sophisticated (and sweet) in glossy tan or black lace-up or slip-on wedding shoes.

5) Pick versatile looks

There’s no point in buying a style that you’re only going to wear once! Investing in versatile styles and keeping track of current trends can save you time and money. Play your cards right, and you can satisfy a need for two pairs with one set of fabulous wedding shoes.

A lady looking for some casual heels or sandals this year could grab wedding shoes with diamante or rhinestone detailing for a trendy addition to her everyday wardrobe. A timeless pair of black wedding shoes could quickly become a new work staple for men after the Big Day.

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