5 Tips For Finding The Perfect School Shoe!

Your Guide To Buying School Shoes 

Get your kids back into the classroom with a brilliant pair of boys’ school shoes! Here are the top five tips for picking boys’ school shoes straight from the team at Spendless!

1) Check the fit carefully

Here are some of our best tips for fitting boys’ school shoes, and the things you should be keeping in mind!

First, you’ll want kids to try on the style while wearing the same socks they would wear during the week— that way, you can get a clear idea if they are too tight or loose from the get-go.

Second, have your child wiggle their toes and see if there is enough room. The boys’ school shoes should have about a centimetre between the end and the top of their longest toes.

Third, check for any pinching or pressure getting placed on feet. You can adjust the laces or other fastenings of our boys’ school shoes accordingly, and see how your child is feeling afterwards.

Fourth, have them walk around. If there is too much slipping or sliding on the back heel, then it is probably too large.

2) Watch those toes!

Before you start shopping for boys’ school shoes, we recommend you have a quick look over any policies or rules that might concern them first. After all, the last thing you want to hear after buying a new pair is that they aren’t appropriate.

Thankfully, all of our boys’ school shoes (including sandals) have enclosed toes, so your kids should have no trouble getting out onto the playground.

3) Know your colour range

It’s a safe bet that boys’ school shoes for the classroom will need to be shiny and black, but the rules around sporty styles can be varied!

At Spendless, we have vibrant sneakers and trainers— we even have ones that feature some much-loved cartoon characters! If there are stricter sneaker regulations, then our black and white boys’ school shoes will still be perfect for PE classes or extra-curricular activities.

4) Choose age-appropriate fastenings

Plenty of kids can’t tie up their laces alone when they first hit the classroom. Untied laces are an annoyance at best and a tripping hazard at worse, and the last thing you want is your children coming home with skinned knees or elbows. If your child is running around with loose boys’ school shoes, then there’s also the risk of them coming off and getting lost.   

If you’re shopping for little kids, then boys’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps are a much better fit. At Spendless, we have designs with single tabs, dual straps, or versions with both straps and laces. And, once they’re confident lace-tiers, you can quickly move up to classic laced styles.

So, when you’re buying boys’ school shoes this year, make sure you think the best fastenings to keep your kids safe and secure.

5) Materials

There’s quite a bit of debate about what the best kind of material for boys’ school shoes is. Namely, it’s a leather versus synthetic debate.

At Spendless, we try to give our customers the best of both worlds. If you want boys’ school shoes that combine the strengths of both these materials, then try our leather-lined styles! However, if you feel strongly about one or the other, then you’ll find all of our boys’ school shoes are clearly labelled.

Let Spendless get you sorted!

Our store teams would love to help you get your kids fitted into the perfect boys’ school shoes this season! If you live in an area (like New Zealand) without a physical store nearby or want to avoid the pre-term rush, then shop for boys’ school shoes online!