5 Things To Look For In A Pair Of Men’s Sneakers

Tips For Choosing Men's Sneakers

Men’s sneakers, trainers, and other sports shoes come in a plethora of unique designs. No one shoe will suit everyone since no shopper is searching for exactly the same reasons. However, we do have men’s sneakers that can please anyone!

Take the time to consider your options.

Are you looking for an active or fashionable pair of men’s sneakers? Will your next pair be for the gym, your early morning run, or for casual wear whenever you like?

Don’t stress if you’re not sure of the answers yet! Spendless Shoes has men’s sneakers that can fulfil more than one of these needs. So, sit back and relax while we give you a quick tour of our styles and showcase different options. Let’s get started with the five things to prioritise in a pair of men’s sneakers!

1) A good sole

If your new pair of men’s sneakers are going to be frequent runners, gym-buddies, or playing sports, then a quality tread is crucial. Without grip to keep you grounded, you sacrifice speed, balance, and the ability to go your hardest!

How can you tell? If you’re browsing online, pay attention to the profile of the men’s sneakers in their images. Sporty styles have bottoms that are grooved and ridged, whereas casual shoes remain flat.

2) Excellent comfort

No matter where it is that you want to take your shoes this season, or what you want to do with them, we think you always deserve the best fit and feel. Men’s sneakers at Spendless Shoes come in lace-up designs, which means tweaking the tightness is easy. If you have a wider or narrower foot than average, you’re sure to appreciate this feature on your men’s sneakers!

3) Versatility

Do you think men’s sneakers are reserved for athletes and fitness fanatics? Don't be ridiculous! While these will always have a place in the wardrobes of our fittest customers, there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to styling men’s sneakers.

Our active shoes will be an instant hit with your best gym clothes, so working out or hitting the shops in them is always an option. Men’s sneakers can add a high-energy feel to your everyday outfits and keep you looking relaxed, while still seeming ready for anything.

The trick to getting the most wear out of our men's sneakers is to pick something functional and trendy. This season, we recommend an all-black or all-white pair with a thinner shape.

4) Air circulation

Our fourth tip is perfect if smelly feet are the bane of your existence!

If you’re looking at men’s sneakers to wear during physical activities, then make sure that you find something with good air circulation. By allowing feet to breathe and cool down, you minimise the chances of sweaty feet stinking up a new pair.

At Spendless, you’ll find the airiest men’s sneakers have mesh material. The fabric on these shoes allows air to pass through easily. While the material is durable, it’s also exceptionally flexible. These were built for movement, so we guarantee that you'll love the feel of them on your feet!

5) Look for something that appeals to you

Our last point is the most significant. Why would you wear shoes that don’t make you happy? Maybe it’s a bright pop of colour, the comfy innersole, or how light they feel on your feet. Your next pair of men’s sneakers excite and inspire you! After all, feeling good and looking good are equally important!

Keep all this in mind the next time that you shop at Spendless

With these five tips, you’ll find the best men’s sneakers before you know it!