5 Things Every Woman Should Look For In A Pair Of Sandals!

Your Guide To Buying Women's Sandals 

Shopping around for a stunning set of women’s sandals? Here are five things you should be looking for when you do!

1) A style you can wear for hours on end

If there’s one thing ladies’ shoes can fall short on, it’s balancing comfort and design. One design you want to be careful with, in particular, are heeled women’s sandals. At Spendless Shoes, our cosy wedge bases, thick and sturdy block heels, and supportive designs can keep you in easy comfort for as long or as little a time as you need. Reliable support like this makes our lineup of formal women’s sandals an appealing option for weddings and other extended events.

2) The loveliest add-ons

If you’re hunting for some glamorous shoes with that little something extra, then our women’s sandals are just the thing! At Spendless Shoes, you can find styles with laser cut-outs, rhinestones, glitter trim, glinting diamantes, beading, woven finishes, and more!

These decorative designs and interesting textures introduce a new element of style to any outfit. Women’s sandals as beautiful as these will be a go-to for all-day events, functions, and special occasions. But don’t forget to wear them with your casual clothes too!

3) Functional but beautiful fastenings

As we’ve said, Spendless Shoes makes a point of merging look and function in all of our styles, and women’s sandals are no exception. If we can find a way to make our shoes as user-friendly as they are stylish, then we will.

Don’t believe us? Here are two of our favourite examples from our women’s sandals!

First, there are our lace-up styles. These faux suede flats have long straps that can tie low or high and loose or tight. The elegant ballerina-like feel of the straps is entirely customizable for your best fit.

Second, we have our dressy sling-back women’s sandals. With an elasticised heel straps, they not only slide easily onto your feet, but they also make a feature of the open heel and airy design.

4) The right sole for the job

Women’s sandals from Spendless Shoes get built for every kind of customer. The sort of base you have fitted to the bottom of your shoes is one thing most people will forget about but should be considering.

We have a mix of thin and flexible flats if you want a relaxed pair of women’s sandals to slide on and wear out in the sunshine. For all-day wear, you might try women’s sandals with some of our thicker and spongier bottoms. And, if you want a more formal looking style, then a full platform base or heel will do the trick.

The accompanying grip type can have a massive impact on your comfort experience as well. If you’re looking to endure some more adventurous terrain, then women’s sandals with a grooved and ridged sole for better traction would be the way to go.  

5) Versatile styles for multiple settings

If there’s one thing you can’t forget about when buying women’s sandals, it’s how many places you’ll be able to wear them.

As affordable as our prices are, and as gorgeous as our women’s sandals can be, we are still Spendless Shoes. If you’re buying shoes that will only work in one setting or at one event, then that means you’ll continuously be shopping for new pairs, which can be exhausting and expensive after a while.

If you can find women’s sandals that can be worn casually and formally when you want, then you’ve discovered a winning pair. We recommend women’s sandals with diamantes or other glittery features this summer, especially on some slides.

Come in and see our styles!

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