5 Things Every Man Should Look For In A Pair Of Sandals

Your Guide To Buying Men's Sandals 

Buying a new set of men’s sandals isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Here at Spendless Shoes, we felt it was time to give you a quick rundown of the five key things you should think about when buying sandals this summer!

1) Comfort

Buying comfortable shoes is probably a no-brainer, but it’s always important to put your own experience over the look of men’s sandals. Even the trendiest set of the season won’t bring you much joy if you get blisters every time you wear them, or if each step scrunches your toes into the top.

The fit is the main factor— a pair that is too tight or too loose can both contribute to aches and pains, so be sure your feet are feeling cosy. One good option would be men’s sandals with adjustable touch-fastening styles or elasticised straps.

Weather is another element. Men’s sandals can be trans-seasonal, but if you’re picking a pair for the height of summer, then it pays to know how your preferences. Can you be bothered with straps, or will slides be best? Our slide-on thongs and other beach shoes could the perfect fit in this case.

2) Versatility

If you’re buying shoes with a sole purpose and place in mind, then feel free to discount this one. However, it’s more than likely that you’ll want to wear your new men’s sandals in more than one setting. Can the design you like be dressed up or down depending on the occasion? Would you feel comfortable wearing your men’s sandals in both casual and formal settings?

Versatile men’s sandals give you the freedom to wear what you like where you like. A good pair that can take you to more than one place will also stop you from needing more shoes to fill that void. Besides; more freedom and less money spent on men’s sandals? That sounds great!

3) Durability

Getting a new pair of men’s sandals is good, but a couple that starts falling apart in a week? Less good. Whether you’re exposing your men’s sandals to severe wear and terrain or not, you should have faith that they’ll last through the season.

Our reef-walkers and other sturdy styles come with thick but flexible soles, and the ridged bottom treads aid with grip. It’s these kinds of features you should be looking out while trying to select an enduring set of men’s sandals.

4) Affordability

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at Spendless Shoes, it’s our affordable prices. It’s even in our name! While some retailers ask ridiculous amounts for one set of shoes, we keep costs low and quality high. If men’s sandals are on your shopping list this season, then Spendless Shoes has a great line-up that won’t break the bank!

Our frequent sales, discounts, special deals, and low price points are just another reason you’ll love buying men’s sandals from us.

5) Style

Now that you’ve figured out the cosiest, most dynamic, durable, and affordable men’s sandals around, it’s time to think about the look. Do you have colours you always prefer your men’s sandals to be? How about textures or fastening types?

Fashion can be fickle, so while keeping up with the hottest trends might seem important now, you should still keep your preferences in mind. They may be trendy now, but will they be welcome next summer too? By thinking about what you like first and what’s current second, you can ensure that no pair of men’s sandals will be a one-hit wonder!

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