5 Spring Trends Taking Over 2018

Shoe Trends At Spendless

At Spendless, we always keep an eye on the incoming styles and best shoe trends around. Today, we have decided to bring you five quick shoe trends that are making their mark on the fashion world. Let's start with colours. When it comes to the colours that are making waves in this year's shoe trends, you might narrow it down to red, natural, and black.

1) Red

Red is in and staying in, which should be no surprise. At Spendless, this was a hot favourite through autumn and winter, and it does not seem to be slowing down. Like so many of the latest shoe trends, this has made a mark across different categories. You will find these predominantly in women's high heels. However, slides and boots have a healthy number as well. Girls' boots have also taken hold of these shoe trends.

2) Natural

Why are we surprised that natural is still at the top of the shoe trends? Everyone loves natural and earthy tones this season, so the fact that the shoe trends are following this makes perfect sense. Beige and natural ankle boots were big at Spendless this year, and are an excellent trans-seasonal style. If you are looking to ease yourself into spring one step at a time, then start with your natural ankle boots. As the weather gets warm, spice things up, and work your way toward the summer shoe trends with an espadrille wedge or a kitten heel.

3) Black

Black is sleek, modern, and looks gorgeous with most things. Honestly, it is hard to imagine a year when black would not make it into the lineup of top shoe trends; especially since they make it so easy to accessorise! If you want to double up on shoe trends, you might consider grabbing a style with a shiny, patent finish.
Now, what about spring and summer styles?

4) Espadrilles

So why are so many people getting behind the espadrille shoe trends? Whatever slimming effect a pair of heels have your calves and ankles, a natural heel is always going to heighten it. By creating a sort of blur between where the heels end and your legs begin, they appear taller and more elongated on the whole.

And the reason why espadrilles are smashing their way to the top of 2018 shoe trends? You guessed it; it's because they have one-upped the illusion again. A pair of espadrille wedges will make your legs look stunning, whether you match it with a cocktail dress or with some cool cut-off jeans. With those big, beautiful natural bases, it is no wonder everyone is going crazy for shoe trends like these.

5) Big bases and platform heels

As we have said, you will see these shoe trends coming in with our espadrilles. Platform heels and big soles are predicted to be a massive look for late spring and early summer this year. Believe it— you want to get a style with a chunky sole into your wardrobe before the weather starts to turn. Since this is big in shoe trends, there are plenty of options at Spendless. Our big-based styles spread across the men's, women's, and kids' sections. You might grab a sporty trainer, summer sandal, or even a beachy slide with a thick bottom base. If you want to get the best shoe trends this season, then keep an eye out for these.

And there you go; five fast shoe trends that are coming in this summer and spring. At Spendless, you can find all this and more. Get the look for less, and all the best shoe trends when you shop online at Spendless or visit us in a store.