5 Platform Styles You Need In The Workplace

The Best Platform Styles 

Stop stressing over work styles! Spendless Shoes has platform heels to take you further! We're here today to showcase five great designs that will look great at your job. So, let's get started, shall we?

1) Stilettos

For formal offices where stilettos are an expected staple, our platform heels could be an excellent option. The full base on these shoes will absorb shock, ease strain place on feet, reduce the risk of muscle fatigue, and help with balance. Platform heels like this look nice sharp, professional, and sophisticated. Your average dresses, pencil skirts, and work pants will all look nice with these!

Also, you could repurpose the right platform heels in this style as a set to wear out to a nice restaurant, cocktail party, or other formal events. Who could ask for more?

2) Espadrilles

Not every workplace has demanding dress codes. If your place of work is fairly casual about clothing and footwear choices, then fashion-focuses ladies will love taking their espadrille wedges into the office. Platform heels as gorgeous as these are a tempting option for anyone, after all.

You get your pick of smoothly-based espadrilles or others with twine-textured finishes. Plus, you also get to pick between self-tie fastenings or buckled straps. Strappy lace-up platform heels crisscross high up your calves and make them look slim and slender. Buckled espadrilles get on or off of your feet fast, so they're an ideal pick for ladies who are always busy and rushing from place to place.

3) Platform heels inspired by ballet flats

These round-toed platform heels are still winners as workwear. With their easy slide-on style, these will be easy to get into if you're rushing out of the door. Spendless has some great options for you to browse through, including ones with woven textured finishes, but our best pick for this style has a three-tone design.

These particular platform heels have a patent toe cap and back, a scaly band over the toes, and a soft fabric middle. If you want to add an element of interest to your everyday outfits, then incorporating these platform heels is just the way to do it!

4) Ankle boots

Ankle boots with platform heels make superb all-year wear for the working woman. They're the natural choice if you can't stand getting cold feet in winter and autumn, need something to keep your toes warm and dry, or even if you want to add a trendy edge to an outfit.

Most of our favourite ankle boot platform heels come in black, but with tan and other tones on offer, you are sure to find a pair that will suit your current wardrobe best!

5) Decorative kinds

Our last platform heels to take into the office are pretty, low, and come with all the embellishments that you can imagine. Depending on the sort of look that you want our cosy wedges to portray, the types you might debate over will differ significantly.

For a formal-feeling style, our pearly, metallic, or glitter-covered platform heels would be ideal. These are some of our top wedding styles, given their elaborate designs. However, we think they look fabulous during your nine-to-five too!

Need something a little more laidback? No worries! We have platform heels with braided straps, medallions, and laser cut-outs for all your bohemian vibes, and to add a touch of spring and summer whenever you wear them.

Browse platform heels at Spendless today!

If you're serious about getting a new pair for your working week, then it's time to start browsing the styles. Head into your local Spendless Shoes today and try your platform heels on in person, or enjoy the fast delivery and convenience of our online store!