5 New High Heels Styles That Are Taking Over Your Wardrobe

The Hottest High heel trends!

Searching for the latest trends? Listen up, ladies! Spendless Shoes has five looks that you’ll want on your next pair of high heels. Read on for everything you need to know about the shapeliest, comfiest, and most eye-catching designs that 2019 has for you!

1) High heels with clear straps

If you’re looking for the perfect understated style, then these slip-on mules will hit the spot! The toe strap comes in the same material as the rest of the style, while the thicker top band is see-through. We’ve seen a lot of similar high heels around this season, especially at parties!

Two pet peeves people have with these clear-strapped high heels is the fact that it’s incredibly obvious when they’re dirty and that they get foggy when your feet are sweaty. However, the placement on our version keeps it away from the ground and any hot foot spots, so there’s no need to worry!

2) Pointy-toed

Who would have known that changing the toe shape on a pair of high heels could totally reinvent their feel? We love pointy-toed designs at Spendless this season, so we’ve put together a slew of spectacular options!

First, there are our faux suede and block-style high heels. These come with a supportive thick base and soft material. Wearing them for hours on end will never cause aches and pains!

Then, we also have our pumps. The most popular high heels like in this look have a glossy patent material and are essential for the feet of an office worker.

3) Espadrille wedges

High heels in this look will be an instant favourite for ladies who love the steady comfort of wedge bases! From moderately to toweringly tall, espadrille wedges boost your height with their enormous platform base.

Our favourite high heels in this design include self-tie straps or a row of diamantes across the toes for extra flair. We love how long and slender espadrilles can make your legs appear, and there are so many amazing outfit options. Just remember to wear skirts, playsuits, dresses, or pants that leave your calves uncovered; that way, you can show off the full effect of these high heels!

Now that we’ve covered the shape of your high heels, what about the finish?

4) Animal prints

This is less about the design and more about the finish, but there’s no way that we’d skip over this trend! Everywhere you look this season, clothes and accessories inspired by animals are dominating the shelves.

One hot favourite is the leopard print. As Spendless Shoes, our high heels with spots are warmly toned and instant attention-grabbers! There’s also snakeskin. Scaly print has slithered into a top spot on our must-have list for 2019, and no one seems to be complaining!

A bold animal pattern can brighten up any outfit and create a point of interest. If your winter wardrobe is full of white, grey, black, and brown, then adding high heels with vivacious print into the mix can reinvent your entire ensemble!

5) High heels in red

Since we’ve looked at patterns, we thought it might be worth recommending a colour too. In 2019, red is the way to go!

Bold and striking, high heels in a vibrant red make a confident fashion statement. In wintery weather, we love ankle boots with block-style high heels. Under a long and classically-cut coat in black or brown, these would really pop! Otherwise, our some elegant stilettos would never go amiss at work functions, restaurants, and other special occasions.

Which of these five designs will you be chasing?

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