4 Tips To Finding Wedding Shoes For Toddlers

Prepare your little ones for a wedding with our toddler's shoes! Get the look for less at Spendless, and find formal and dressy toddler's shoes that are perfect for your ring-bearer or flower girl. Here are some quick tips for finding fashionable and gorgeous toddler's shoes fit for the tiniest feet!

1) Remember comfort

You should always keep the most important feature at the front of your mind when buying toddler's shoes: comfort. Their little feet are still developing, which means they need toddler's shoes that are soft and flexible. After all, they are still working on building fully-formed muscle and bone structures. If you think that a pair of toddler's shoes might be too hard for your little one, then it is best not to risk it.

2) Pick toddler's shoes with velcro

At Spendless, our range of toddler's shoes is quite expansive, as many of our styles have sizes stretching from Pre-Walker to Preteen. The youngest of our customers (and, as the name suggests) will find their best fit in the Pre-Walker section. These include soft booties and tiny, trendy styles that come outfitted with velcro fastenings. Velcro is an excellent feature on toddler's shoes because it can get adjusted for fit and tightness, which makes it far more difficult for kids to kick them off of their feet and lose them. Toddler's shoes with velcro are also handy while children are too young to tie their laces, as they should eventually figure out how to strap them on by themselves so that you don't have to.

3) Match with adults

When it comes to options for the boys, our favourites are the dressy kind. These toddler's shoes are sleek, shiny, and best of all, cosy. You get your choice of velcro or slip-on styles, which are easy to slide onto tiny feet. Regarding colour, we have glossy black and brown. These are excellent for a little ring-bearer and should be a comfortable pair to wear for the entirety of a wedding. If you have sharp eyes, you might spy their larger lookalikes in the men's section.

Spendless has a great line of toddler's shoes that are fit for flower girls. Most of our favourite styles are a mixture of sandals and ballet flats. Wedding colours include white, black, natural, silver, and rose gold. These toddler's shoes also come with additional decorations such as glitter bands, diamantes, metallic charms, or little bows.

As with the boys' styles, many of these girls' toddler's shoes are miniaturised versions of our adult styles. So if matching colours or looks is mandatory, we can get you started with complementary looks. Now, if you are determined to have bridesmaids match with their smaller counterparts, then you can always consider our heeled styles. We have toddler's shoes with wedges, kitten heel, and nice chunky block heels. These heels are not overly tall, which means they should be comfortable for hours of extended wear.

4) Keep an eye on the setting

Of course, a rustic or beach wedding may demand something different. At Spendless, we have trendy sandals and cool faux suede boots as well. Which sort of toddler's shoes you want for a wedding will depend heavily on the venue and the weather, so be sure to check both well before you start buying.

So, what pair with you pick up for your little ones?

Weddings are a big deal no matter what your age, which means even the smallest attendees need to be looking their best. At Spendless, we have the best toddler's shoes for weddings and classy events. If you have a special occasion coming up that requires some fancy toddler's shoes, then seek us out!