3 Things To Think About When Buying Womens Boots

Thinking About Buying For Womens Boots

At Spendless Shoes, we are always looking for a new way to help our customers. Today, we are bringing you the three crucial things to think about when you are shopping for women's fashion boots. Why head into the season unprepared? Now you can weigh up all the essential aspects before buying your next great pair!

Number one: the height

How short or tall should your women's fashion boots be? It all depends on personal taste, but a few environmental factors can add to the decision.

Taller women's fashion boots cover more of the leg. If you get cold quickly, investing in a tall pair of women's fashion boots might be the way to go. You are more likely to get away with dresses and skirts without having to wear thermals stockings or leggings, in any case. Love a good heel? We have women's fashion boots with those too.

Short or ankle-height styles are perfect across all season. With the right pair, you can wear women's fashion boots all year if you would like to. They look great with skirts, dress, work pants, and anything else you can picture. We have heeled women's fashion boots in this department as well, so you can use them for formal occasions too.

Number two: heel or no heel?

We have women's fashion boots with heels, flat soles, and wedges. We even have classic combat boots with chunky heels and an attitude.

Ladies who love a heel will adore the range they find in our women's fashion boots. We have styles with a sweet faux suede finish or shiny leather-look material. These comfy block heels can last as long as you can. Have a big night coming up? A formal event where you have been dying to wear heeled women's fashion boots? These will bring a new level of comfort and style to your life.

For some more casual women's fashion boots, Spendless Shoes will steer you towards our flatter styles. Like many of our other shoes, these tend to have a slight heel to place the feet in a neutral position. These can be great shoes for the workplace, or just a good pair to have when you are out and about. If you have no idea what your day is going to look like, or how long it is going to last, we recommend some cute, flat women's fashion boots.

As usual, wedges tend to meet in the middle. You can get all the added style of a heel, but with the steady comfort of flat women's fashion boots.

Number three: the colour

Now you have a basic idea of the women's fashion boots you would like; we need to talk about the colours. At Spendless Shoes, our range of colours is quite vast, so we should focus on the colours of your wardrobe instead.

1) You like beiges, browns, soft pastels and a little white here and there. The last knit jumper and long cardigan you bought ended up being the same shade of grey. You love wallets and bags in tan or burnished bronze. Tan or grey women's fashion boots are going to be the kind you like, and the ones you can wear.

2) You love black, grey, and sometimes a bold splash of colour to break things up. Your bag and purse are both in black. The women's fashion boots you love are almost definitely going to be as dark as the rest of your wardrobe. Otherwise, you might go for one of our bold reds to break up the black.

And that is that! Find the best women's fashion boots from Spendless Shoes when you think about these three critical things.