3 Reasons Womens Boots Are Perfect For Winter

Women's Boots From Spendless Shoes 

As the cold weather rolls in, Spendless Shoes is ready to put our women's boots in the spotlight. We have ankle, sock, tall, heeled, and wedge styles— just name them! So, here are three big reasons why women's boots are perfect for winter.

Better in the wet weather

Women's boots are the ideal shoes for wet and wild weather. As much as we love our slides, sandals, and flats, women's boots are the best thing for rainy days. They provide better protection from water and cold wind, especially the taller ones. A dash of faux fur is an easy way to keep your feet warm as well.

If you cannot stand getting your feet or your shoes wet, there is always the option of rainboots. These can double up as a fun fashion statement and a practical shoe option. Other women's boots rarely get the array of bright colours and prints that these styles do. Most people go one size up in to save buying a new pair in the not-to-distant future, but it also works from a fashion aspect too. If your wellies are the same size as your leg, they appear more shapeless or stocky than in regular women's boots. A gap allows some leeway when you have to tuck a cute pair of skinny jeans inside as well. After that, you merely need to make the rest of your ensemble colour compatible.


At Spendless Shoes, we carry women's boots with zippers, elastic side gussets, and laces. Our women's boots range from thigh-highs to ankle height. Women's boots are incredibly versatile. They can dress down a formal get-up, or give a casual outfit a stylish edge. Length and heel height can be dramatically different between women's boots, which means you have an inconceivable amount of agency around where and how you style them.

In fact, all ankle-high styles have proven their worth in the world of women's boots. They are a champion of all seasons, and the best pairs are the kind you cannot bring yourself to replace a set until they are quite literally falling apart.

The latest fashion choices

Our thigh-highs and tall styles come in shiny leather-look material and soft faux suede. Heels or no, a tall shoe can be a bold fashion statement. Thigh-high women's boots and knit dresses are an autumn sensation, but as the weather gets more unforgiving those same women's boots pair well with long coats and layer combinations. Big tasselled earrings are still on top in the accessory world, and a couple of tall women's boots paired with black and gold will start your winter off right.

When it comes to the latest fashion for women's boots, there is no way you can go past sock booties. These have stepped into the spotlight this season thanks to their versatility. The chunky block heel makes all-day wear easy, and a fitted silhouette slims down the ankles. Extra length comes in handy to keep ankles toasty, but without going the full knee-high or thigh-high. The fashion greats have spoken, and bright red is in for the winter. You can scoop up a brand new pair in this colour at Spendless Shoes.

Buy your next women's boots at Spendless Shoes. Come and shop with us online, where you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay or ZipPay. Browse styles at your convenience— our shoes are just a click away. Of course, we would love to see you in one of our many stores across Australia. Get the look for less at Spendless Shoes.